Quotes About Claire

“It is simply amazing, Dickson’s melody and improvisation sense at such a young age.” –Will Sostre, Jazz Times (US)

“She is without question a singer to look out for, not just now but for the next several decades… Claire displays startling maturity of purpose and understanding.” –Bruce Crowther, Swing2Bop.com, Jazz Journal (UK)

“And yes, she can scat sing with a frightening intensity that could rival Ella in the future.” - John Peters- The Borderland (US)

“This kid is a killer and the Great American Songbook's best hope for tomorrow. Hot.“
-Chris Spector- Midwest Record- Review

“This 14-year-old jazz vocal phenom does not sing silly songs! …She has the courage to share her dream, the attitude of a seasoned professional and she must be applauded and encouraged for the pride, joy of spirit, infectious enthusiasm and tremendous talent which she has brought to a monumentally challenging task. She is a talent to watch, and as her voice matures, only the sky can limit what she can achieve as a jazz vocalist.” -C.J.Bond, Jazmusic.com

“Unafraid to take risks and sing songs that tear beyond the standard fare for youngsters of her age, Claire Dickson is more than just a teen singer on the rise. She’s a monster of jazz, fed on instinct and poise and power and guts”Jordan Richardson, BlindedBySound.com

in Claire’s case, it’ not just a “thrill”, it’s total energy, totally vibrant & fun! When you hear her soaring scat on “Caravan“, you’ll know you’re in the presence of vocal talent that just won’t quit! This one gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for folks who can’t do without a touch of vocal jazz every day. –Dick Metcalf, Zzaj Productions

“Dickson has a voice that sounds uncannily mature and swinging” –Bob Young, Boston Herald


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